Montreal’s FIFA Art Film Festival Will Be Screening Online This Year

After the annual art film festival was cancelled March 12 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FIFA was encouraged by the community to offer its programming online.

The 38th International Festival of Films On Art is coming to your home.

From today until Sunday, March 29, at midnight, nearly all of the films that were going to be screened in person during the popular indoor event are now available to the public from your own living rooms.

“Highly motivated by the encouragement of the whole community, the team of the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) has decided to rebound in the face of the adversity caused by COVID-19 and the cancellation of its indoor event and launch the 38th edition of the festival online,” says the FIFA website.

Originally cancelled completely on March 12, the festival organizers quickly changed their mind. Within 48 hours, FIFA announced it would offer a special online screening version this year, adapting to the circumstances and trying to make the most of it. Now, the event will be more accessible, reaching those who may be sick, quarantined or are simply doing their part by distancing socially.

This will be the first year the festival includes a music video category. Other categories include: contemporary art, art therapy, animation, women to discover, literature and poetry, LGBTQI+ and street art, among many others.

From Emanuelle Antille’s A Bright Light – Karen and the Process, a 2018 film about the 60s cult folk singer Karen Dalton.

These feature-length bio pics, documentaries and shorts focus on a variety of artists, musicians and dancers, their work and the impacts they have left on the communities they represent and their social movements.

The programming and events document is 200 pages long. While many of the events have been cancelled, much of the programming remains the same.

Films will be available for streaming across Canada from FIFA’s own online platform. Viewers will be charged a flat rate of $30 to access the FIFA Vimeo account, where 120 films will be available.

Tickets can be purchased at the FIFA website.

38th FIFA – Online programming

Competition – Feature film: 
Art on Fire by Gerald Fox 
Raôul Duguay, par-delà La Bittt à Tibi by Yves Langlois 
Mingus Erectus by Amaury Voslion 
Que l’amour by Laetitia Mikles 
The Walking Man by Giulio Boato and Lorenzo Danesin
Wild Words by Ana Shametaj 
It Was All So Wonderful: The Everyday Magic of Mary Pratt by Kenneth J. Harvey 
Traces of Hope by Christine Doyon 
We Are Not Princesses by Bridgette Auger and Itab Azzam 
Echoes of the Invisible by Steve Elkins 
Beyond the Bolex by Alyssa Bolsey
Plus haut que les flammes by Monique Leblanc
Haida Modern by Charles Wilkinson

Competition – Short film: 
Mother’s by Hippolyte Leibovici
The Singing Glass by Samantha Adler de Oliveira
Tabaski by Laurence Attali
The Disappearance of Robin Hood by Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou 
Flowing Water, Standing Time by Alexandre De Bellefeuille 
Willem & The Judge by Jackson Notier 
A Monologue In The Intermission by Peter Vulchev 
Le veilleur by Lou Du Pontavice 
That is funny by Louis St-Pierre 
Gioia by Laura Stek
Still Untitled / Encore sans titre by Geneviève Sauvé

Official selection – Feature film : 
Bouquet final by Sophie Kovess-Brun
L’affaire Caravage by Frédéric Biamonti
Kirill Serebrennikov – A Theatre Director under Arrest by Julia Bendlin and Eduard Erne
A Bright Light – Karen in the Process by Emmanuelle Antille
Seat 20D by Jill Campbell
Paul Auster – What if by Sabine Lidl 
Une tour sur la Montagne, l’Architecture d’Ernest Cormier et sa vie avec Clorinthe Perron by Paul Carvalho
Wild Gene by Joris Gijsen
The Forgotten Treasure by Tom Ehrhardt
Léonard de Vinci: L’homme en mouvement by Nathalie Plicot and Eve Ramboz
Derouin -Métis des Amériques by Julie Corbeil
Mouffe, muse et mentor by Carmel Dumas
Forward by Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio
Queen of Heart: Audrey Flack by Deborah Shaffer
Simone Signoret, figure libre by Michèle Dominici
Actually Iconic: Richard Estes by Olympia Stone
Albin de la Simone, images fantômes by Pauline Jardel
Les relations(sentimentales) des formes by Stefan Cornic
The New Bauhaus by Alysa Nahmias
Ernest Pignon-Ernest, à taille humaine by Yann Coquart
Moi, Georg Baselitz by Heinz Peter Schwerfel
Steph et la chenille à poils by Luis Bertrand
American Tap by Mark Wilkinson
Luben and Elena by Ellie Yonova
Auguste Escoffier ou la naissance de la gastronomie by Olivier Julien
The Heart Dances by Rebecca Tansley

Official selection – Short film: 
À ciel ouvert, portrait d’un pavillon à Venise by Katerine Giguère
Aida by Edouard Lock
Toro by David Fabrega
L’alchimiste by Jean-Marc Gosse
Weed art Process by Serge Goldwicht
Miryam by Gabriela De Andrade
Art Libre by Luigi Capasso
Médée by Matthias Castegnaro
Into the Impossible by Angie Richard and Tracey Richard
Fear in motion by Yako (Jean-Christophe Yacono)
Blue Moon by Charlotte Dossogne
Claude H Vallée Le Recycl’art by André Desrochers
Thalassic by Stéphanie Lamontagne
Walls of Limerick by Arturo Bandinelli
Red Road by Wayne Valin-McDougall
Un Papillon dans une bulle by Peggy Sue Riverin Simon
360 degrés by Sura Al Qudah
White noise by Joleen Mitton
The Hands of an Elder by Dinah Sam
Éthéré by Isabelle Kanapé
FACE | TIME by Anita Lebeau
An Artist Walks into a Bar by Ava Wiland and Rafael Salazar

FIFA Experimental Program: 
The Magic Mountain by Daniel Mann and Eitan Efrat
In Trout We Dust by Dieter Kovacic
Le mangeur d’orgues by Diane Obomsawin
The Hall by Anne Golden
Moundform by Catherine Slilaty
Murmur by Stijn Demeulenaere and Jan Locus
the time is now. #1 by Heidrun Holzfeind
Athabasca by Philippe Léonard and Michel Wenzer
Melt by Belinda Campbell
Unsound by Vivian Ostrovsky

Spotlight on Iranian Art Films: 
Flown Awake by Taravat Khalili
Flight of Monochrome Feathers by Arash Akhgari 
Farewell my murderer by Farhad Pakdel
Timeless by Farid Yahaghi 
Maned & Macho by Shiva Sadegh Asadi
Paper Plane by Marjan Ansari Pirsaraei
Be Hold by Gilnaz Arzpeyma
​The Dérive by Tanin Torabi
Friday by Payam Ghorbani
Free and Beautiful by Narges Haghighat 
Une visite by Parissa Mohit
Whole to Part by Vahid Hosseini Nami
Flatland by Alireza Keymanesh, Amir Pousti 
Lubion by Mania Akbari, Douglas White
Reverence (Curtain Call) by Sogol Rezvani
Déjà Vu by Atefeh Khademolreza

Carte blanche to l’Opéra de Paris : 
Grand Hôtel Barbès by Ramzi Ben Sliman
Les Indes galantes by Clément Cogitore
L’entretien by Ugo Bienvenu and Félix De Givry
Vibrato by Sébastien Laudenbach
Le Lac Perdu by Claude Lévêque
Clinamen by Hugo Arcier

Carte blanche to NOWNESS : The China Wave 
Frontiers by Roni Shao 
Aerobics by Tian Xiaolei  
A White Butterfly on a Bus by  Xinyuan Zheng 
Sonic Wandering by Wei Qiong 
Dystopiasian by Yuen Hseih
Girls (Luo Yan) by Jean Liu
Baji Quan by Shen Haonan
Kiss of the Rabbit God by Andrew Thomas Huang 

Music Videos:
Accident – Dodi El Sherbini by Kevin Elamrani-Lince
Attack Mousaillon – Ramzi by Federico Lamas
Hoohoohoo hahaha by Jacques Auberger and Théophile Boutin
Snow – FJAAK by Raman Djafari
Sunday – FAQ by Bálint Barcsai
Tu avais de l’avance sur ton temps – HEIKA by Andrée-Anne Bélisle and Jean-Vital Joliat
Sports – Viagra Boys by Simon Jung
When does a banknote start to burn? by Robin Lachenal